Manchester University boycotts coca-cola |

Manchester University boycotts coca-cola

At the AGM a couple of days ago Manchester Uni voted to stop providing coca cola.

I rolled my eyes when I first heard the “good news” but I’ve been thinking….. the trade union HAVE called for a boycott (although hippies don’t seem to think this is important and so its not very well known) and while I’m definately opposed to individual people boycotting ‘unethical’ products, student unions are big clients for coca-cola, and if NUS boycotted coke that could actually make a real difference.

At my university which has a coke ban in force, it epitomises the segregation/hostility between the liberal hippy activists and normal people who want to drink coke. I have previously been opposed to the coke ban for this reason, but maybe if the reasons for the ban were explained better normals would be won round?

Also, does anyone from manchester uni (I know theres lots of people with good politics there) know anything more about this boycott, like who was campaigning for it? I’ve read the AGM motion and it doesnt mention that the union have called for a boycott so I’m guessing they’re the same kind of people who campaigned for it at sussex;)

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  1. Sophie says:

    Why would you be opposed to an individual boycotting? Even if it has no effect, it can still raise awareness in a small way.

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