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Freshers Week

What’s Happening?

Well, I don’t know about you but for me it’s been a crazy summer. I’ve just seen England be really successful at cricket and really unsuccessful at football. More importantly we have witnessed a summer that will shape all of our lives. From the seminal events of at the G8 summit (and I’m not necessarily talking about what went on inside the meeting), which has shown us all that to see a fairer world come about we will have to apply constant pressure to the governments of the world, to the tragic events of 7/7 which have shown us the importance of our own governments’ actions and that we must embrace our multicultural society in the coming months if we are to see peace and justice prevail.

Of course one of the main reasons the summer’s been so crazy for me is because I’ve been sorting out Freshers Week, though it’s someone else’s fault if it all goes to pot. If there is one piece of advice I’ve got for all new students it is to make the most out of your Uni experience and join a society. It’s alright slipping into the routine of drinking and studying, studying and drinking, but considering Uni is really kind of like a three year holiday from the real world then you’ve got to take advantage of the free time and do something you like. There are so many societies at Manchester that we can’t even fit them all into Academy 1. You can get into all sorts, from academic societies that organise matchmaking socials to sports societies that will push your physique to it’s peak and (hopefully) bring glory to Manchester. There are also Political and Charity societies that work tirelessly and very effectively to redress the balance of society to your social societies that will get you straight into the world of whatever your favourite activity is. Most importantly don’t forget your library cards when you go to the societies fair, you can’t join anything without it!

The best gift we at the Union have got for you this year is the newly refurbished, and completely changed Club Academy. New students won’t realise how lucky they are, and current students wont understand what’s happened. The new Club Academy is a swish new club venue, with a completely new layout, look and sound system. It’s without a doubt going to be one off the best hangouts in Manchester. Not only that but it’s got a brand new screen and an all day and night non alcoholic café, a great spot to chill out and do that extra revision! (Or maybe just watch some T.V). You must check out the first big night there, Global Beats, to see all the facilities being used to the max. There’s going to be Vjing, films, dancing, live drumming and great get down music from all over the world. What do you think to getting some shisha pipes in the chill out room?

Which reminds me, if you’ve got any queries, or even better, any suggestions how we should shape up what we’re doing, get in touch. The contact details are at the bottom of the page, so give us a call or drop us an e-mail. You never know it could be you and your ideas that are up here in bright lights!

For the rest of it, chill, party, stress, meet, greet and do all the other crazy stuff that makes up the first week of term. Enjoy it while you can, lectures will start soon… but not for me! Gutted!

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