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The following people have done so much for students here at Manchester over the last year that we couldn’t possibly get away without giving them a mention. If you see these people on the street then buy them an ice cream. Hats off!

Jeremy Sheldrake

Jeremy is your classic unsung hero. When running an event he’s always the first to be there and the last to leave. He has put a huge amount of hours this year alone into the Drama Festival, Panto, Moulin Rouge, Pangaea, The Opening Ceremonies, Pop Idol and a whole host of other events. If you’re at a society performance then chances are you’ll find Jeremy at the back twiddling dials making sure that nobody need notice him.

jeremy sheldrake

Cliff Shelton and Natalie Francais – Peer Manchester and Unisex Co-ordinators

Cliff and Natalie (both medics) are largely responsible for a brilliant new initiative called ‘Peer Manchester’ – a Peer support scheme aimed at better educating students on issues surrounding good sexual health. This scheme, under the leadership of Cliff and Natalie, has received a grant from the NHS of £6,000. Unisex is responsible for such schemes as the SHAG bags that you would have received in Freshers week. Between them, Cliff and Natalie have dedicated hundreds of hours to these schemes, knowing that achieving good sexual health in modern British society is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

cliff and nat

Ellie Messham

Ellie is always a bubbly person to have around in any circumstances, but over the past two years she has shown herself to be a real campaigning for those who have not the opportunity to speak to us directly. First with the Stop Aids Society, and latterly as one of the leaders of the Campaigns Against the Arms Trade, her quiet organisation and hard work earns the respect of all on exec.

Campaigns often involve shouting, but for Ellie we see that a pure appeal to our shared humanity can win any argument. She is an example of how real passion and care for other people can be inspirational and move attitudes in a morally just direction.


Romek Paluch Edwards

A lively and interested volunteer who can often be found just outside the Union. Romek was the back bone to many events that helped raise over £1000 for charity as well as bringing new music and enthusiasm to the jaded Union music scene. Alongside Karla Thomas, Global Beats was his brainchild and he was also one of the venue organisers for Pangaea. He has also been lively in the campaigning scene. For the cheeriness and the mild alcoholism, thank you Rom.


Peter O’Hare

Peter turned up one day to help with Pangaea at around 10am and didn’t stop working until 2am in the morning, and then he turned up the next day and kept going. It’s rare to find people who can put together a good working method and stick at it for hours on end, but Peter is one who has consistently triumphed at this. Without him and the people he worked, with Pangaea would not been able to pull off as many creative ideas.


Adie Mormech

Adie alone deserves an entire page in the Student Direct for the relentless dedication that he has shown to the union. Day after day he will put in hours of non stop work building up the popular Monday Night Documentary series which consistently sees as many as 300 people in attendance. This is a lot due to the immense poster run of Adie’s which puts pretty much all other society poster runs to shame. Adie has also been heavily involved with other Union media work and is a hero on many projects. Keep being a model of a man.


Hannah Hayward and Dan Bangs – Nightline Co-ordinators

Hannah and Dan have worked at Nightline since their very first year at the University of Manchester. After being elected Co-ordinators last year they have devoted hours of their time to Nightline, juggling their course commitments with their passion for a service devoted to the Welfare of their peers. They are dedicated and resourceful people who have worked hard for the Union this year, with no other motive but to make Nightline the best service possible for University of Manchester Students.

dan bangs


Lucy O’Melia

Lucy came in to the floundering campaigns organisation that was Thirdeye this year and helped bully the somewhat indecisive collective into mobilising for the Campaigns Against the Arms Trade protests aswell as for the Nestle Boycott and World Bank motions. She set up the Amnesty International group in the Union and devoted her little amount of spare time fully towards fighting for human rights across the world whilst also doing volunteer work. She also knows how to have a bloody good time as well! Fair play, keep knocking us into shape because without people like you we would all be a lot poorer and so would many others.


Karolina Kopiec

Karolina has put in hours of work over the last year to try and bring groups of people closer together building bridges between people of all nationalities, races, and religions. The effort she has put in has helped to make the union a much more tolerant and understanding place. For everyone.


Tom Skinner

Tom has virtually abandoned his degree to organise Fair Trade Fortnight and countless other massive events. Being the common link between so many people who are active he has been at the centre of almost every campaign, every major event and meeting. With out Tom’s work over the last few years neither the University or the City would nod towards the issues of global justice and the Union would not be in a position to tackle difficult issues such as human rights in Colombia and the boycott of Coca Cola.


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