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August 17th, 2007 23:51

George Monbiot motivates the camp

My blog yesterday may have seemed a bit rushed and that was because I was hurrying to see George Monbiot. The entire camp had been talking about his workshop all day. George is all we have for a hero in our movement nowadays, or at least a star. Very few in our movement gain the prominence he has, though prominence does not mean popularity.

George Monbiot urged us all to act before it is too late

His factual knowledge about the science behind climate change is outstanding, and the fact that he draws the attention of a mass audience makes him stand out. However his prescriptions for change are widely debated, and more than one of the neighbourhoods’ social areas were buzzing long into the small hours.

For those new to all this, hi… Read More


August 17th, 2007 16:05

A day in the life of an eco warrior – 3

Today was an interesting day on camp. Not only have I got settled into the routine of volunteering for odd jobs and getting involved with practical things that I certainly shouldn’t, I also got to check out a really interesting workshop.

Sorting out supplies is an essential job

Firstly the jobs were kitchen work and making a grey water. I had no idea what a grey water was today. Now I have found out it is an organic filtration system that means that all the water we use (especially for cleaning) can be put back into the ground without it damaging the earth.

This may be boring to you but it is a minor revelation for an academic who doesn’t even know how a toilet works, especially when you put it together. I was slightly disappointed to find it really consists of two bath tubs and two hay bales that naturally filter all the… Read More


August 16th, 2007 20:02

Why am I here?

I thought I’d explain why I’m here in this thistly field in south London. However, it seems hard to dive straight into facts and figures without talking personally first, especially when the one true thing is there are lies, damn lies and then statistics.

Police presence at climate camp, Heathrow

I come from a self-made sort of lower middle class family. My Dad is an antiques dealer and from a young age interested me in the native Americans, their culture and methods of livings, so I guess that is where I got first inklings of my environmentalism. It was born out of respect for a people who had such great respect for the balance of nature.

Shoot forward to a couple of years back. It has become apparent through much dedicated independent research that climate change is the greatest challenge – or threat – that humanity and our society has ever faced.

I… Read More


August 16th, 2007 16:05

Day in the life of an eco activist

I guess I should start with an introduction. My name is Tom Barlow and I have recently graduated from Manchester University in Economics and Politics. I have to apologise for the photo, the wind does not care for fashion sense.

The scene is set for our protest

It’s been difficult getting this blog across – due to police interference with power generating supplies we haven’t been able to access the internet for quite a while. I would like to recount a little of what has happened in the past few days at the climate camp as well trying to shed some light on why I am here in the first place – a subject probably a great mystery to many.

Tuesday was the first official day of the camp, though many had been here for days before trying to prepare for such a grand opening. I arrived in the night on Monday and after consuming a… Read More

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