What You Need To Know About TTIP

By Thomas Barlow

What is it?

  • TTIP is the largest trade deal ever to be done on the history of the planet
  • It is between the world’s two largest economies – the EU and the USA – making the largest trade zone in the world – like the EEC but even bigger
  • It is about regulation and tariffs – basically making laws the same or similar in both areas
  • This is the biggest change to happen to the UK since the formation of the EU – and means giving up far more rights and democratic control

Image:dw.deHow This Is Being Done

  • This is being decided in secret – even the politicians that are involved are only being given parts of the agreement to review
  • Workers, charities and legal bodies are barely represented – 90% of all the lobbyists represent multinational corporations
  • What we do know is mostly through illegal leaks

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