Ways you can help RealFare


RealFare is an independent Welfare news organisation that has expanded its remit to cover aspect of our current system.  We are looking for supporters as we move from doing online article to helping create a whole new alternative media platform.

By this time next year we hope to build a one stop shop for all progressive alternative news and information on the net.  And we want your help.

Check out the below, these are just some of the ways you can help us.  Please contact us for more details.

  1. Events/Campaigns
  2. Promotion
  3. Writing
  4. Funding
  5. Designing
  6. Video Production
  7. Researching and Tip Offs

 1.  Events

  • Help us build for our Anti-Daily Mail week of action.  Come up with plans for creative actions, encourage people to join in with the publicity and the week itself – for more info on how to do this please get in touch
  • Build a local team (2 or 3 people is more than enough – you’d be surprised!)
  • Put on a local event – a film showing, a talk (which someone from RealFare will happily come down to), or a fundraiser or social
  • Put out our flyers (and/or papers) in your local area, at hotspots like cinemas or supermarkets


  • Local meetings in London and Manchester (maybe Birmingham and elsewhere) to discuss agenda and proposals for the SpokesPeople Meeting.
  • Novmember 20th – Real Media SpokesPeople Meeting – London.  Preparing to launch Real Media in 2015 as a new media Platform
  • November 23rd – Radical Independence Coalition Conference – building links for an alternative media
  • January ??? 2015 – Real Media Conference – Manchester.  Launching Anti Daily Mail Week
  • March 20-27th – Anti Daily Mail Week –  A series of Actions to highlight the negative effects of the Murdoch Media
  • March 28th – Real Media is launched off the back of the Anti Daily Mail Week

 2.  Promotion

  • Like, follow and share our posts REGULARLY – It seems obvious, but because of algorithms on facebook and other social media, it is hard to get what we write and record out to people without spending money we don’t have. Please share and like regularly and we will keep coming up in yours and other’s feeds
  • Post in forums -including Daily Mail, UKIP and other right wing forums as we are interested in engaging all.
  • Join our online promo team – once a week (or however often is suitable for you) you can help us share out our article of the day across many forums with a step by step guide that we have created – please contact us if interested
  • Join our events team below and help us build events and our online presence through street promotion

 3.  Writing

  • We are always interested in new writers we have several subject areas and three formats of article we publish
  • FORMATS – 1)Testimonies/Interviews2) Buzzfeed style lists (brief overviews of subject with ‘read more’ links) – 3) Overviews (anything from 300-2500 words giving us a digested overview of a particular subject)
  • SUBJECT AREAS – Current Events (our key stuff, digests of the news, campaigning news, hot topics covered properly) – People’s Histories (activist histories) – Fact Files (anything on corporations, political parties, countries or organisations the world should know about) – Organising Guides (‘how to’s on useful skills, alternatives to the current system, positives) – Theory Overviews (like Chomsky’s propaganda model) – Miscellaneous (Meme’s, wankers of the week – whatever you think might be useful)

 4.  Funding

  • We hope to become a supporters organisation, until that point we need help making funding applications and crowd sourcing projects
  • For more information on how to help in this area (or if you have useful ideas/contacts) please get in touch

 5.  Designing

  • We need designers for several key projects…
  • Illustrating our articles –  we want to create memes and useful illustrations to help break down the information we are putting out
  • Creating parody websites
  • Creating, modifying and making beautiful, a news aggregator website

 6. Video Production

  • We are making a series of videos for our new channel, to be launched in January (though time sensitive stories we will put out before hand).
  • If you can help in any area – sound camera, editing, music, or just being on hand to be a runner that would be massive
  • We will be covering stories on positive alternatives to this system, testimonies from those most affected by cuts and capitalism, guides to how to do something about it, and all sorts of other tidbits.

7. Researching and tip offs

  • We are looking for lots of stories from the front lines, even if you can’t write them up, if you can put us in touch that would be great
  • We are looking for researchers who can help us get data on particular targets and about media bias especially
  • can you help us find good quotes, statistics and one liners that we can turn into memes and images?




info[@]realfare.co.uk (or tom[@]realfare.co.uk)


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