Download PODCAST REPUBLIC on ANDROID  – or use Itunes on IPHONE

And check the following

  • THE NERDIST – a yank comedian chat’s with loads of fucking cool people, funny and interesting. Eddie Izzard, Kevin Smith, John Oliver, Rhys darby (from Flight of the Concordes), Simon Pegg and almost all the British guests are awesome – listen to earliest ones.
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage – Science show that is actually quite funny from Radio 4 – with Brian Cox and Robin Ince (the comedian that Ricky Gervais bully’s on the extras in Animals). You’ll love Physics stuff probably
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Histories – Pretty gruesome, and excitable yank historian (recommended to me by a Leicester person who hates history). Occasionally OTT – but the history of the Mongols is worth it alone.
  • The Doug Stanhope Podcast – Miserable, unfunny at points, and then side splitting at others.  And often quite moving (start off with Nowhere Girl pt1 for a crazy story)
  • The Bugle – Jon Oliver smashes the comedy on this – good for giggles -and short
  • Alan Davies – As yet Untitled – funny stries from interesting people, simple as that
One’s that are good I haven’t tried yet
  • Mark Kermodes Films Show
  • Bill Burr’s Monday Madness
  • More Or Less Behind the Stats
  • Global News – BBC world service
  • Smodcast – Kevin Smith


You can subscribe to these channels through your Youtube/Gmail account.  Then you can click on the drop down button and you can see subscriptions – the updates are there. Or they will automatically just come up on your home page (though that is a bit more hit and miss).
This is better than T.V. in a lot of ways!

  • Russell Brand – The trews – Daily sense being talked, funny and spot on! 10 minutes average
  • Crash Course – 10 minute courses on psychology, History and literature – filled with gags and animations – average 10 minutes. John Green is the best!
  • Vice and Vice News – It is part owned by Fox, and some of the stuff is shitty, but some of the stuff is fucking awesome.  News is 2-4 minute average – docs are about 20 minutes
  • Screen Junkies – They do ‘Honest Trailers’ – funny shit
  • The Big Think – and the RSA Animate – Smart people talking about smart shit – philosophy, psychology, education, drugs, religion, all sorts
  • Ray Mears Bushcraft – Come On! Get in there!
Check also
  • Last night with John Oliver
  • The Paley Media centre
  • John Stewart stuff
  • Stewart Lee stuff
  • My playlists – Gringo Loco – ‘Music to get 2′ G Culture Comedy’
  • Sideshow ally and Balcony TV – new music, acoustic style
  • The Chomsky Videos – Good stuff for your brain

Films and TV to watch

My IMDB ‘To Watch’ list 

MY IMDB ‘Rated’ list

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