The Mail and Migration

“Migrants from outside the EU have taken £120 billion more from the state than they paid in taxes over 17 years”  

This headline is typical of the Daily Mail – a paper once described as ’the worst of British values dressing up as the best’ – in painting ‘foreigners’ as drains on ‘us Brits’.

Image: The Telegraph Image: The Telegraph

Interestingly the article is a response to the apparent good news that EU migrants have contributed £20bn to the economy in less than a decade.

The Mail clearly views this as a myth that needs to be debunked – fair enough, let’s see what they have to say.

  • Report finds immigrants have cost more in handouts than paid in taxes

This is true, because it turn out all British people have cost more in ‘handouts’ than paid in taxes.  There is a deficit – or shortfall in taxes to expenditure, but this is

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