Student Planning and Action training


Below I have included all the earth first direct action stuff which is very useful, but before that, I just want top hammer home the points I made about outreach
  1. Plan your events – make sure there are some public big events, like film showings, club nights, well know speakers, or controversial subjects.
  2. Think about who you are trying to engage and what you are trying to achieve with the campaign
  3. Produce your advertising material with this on
  4. Pick targets (like bars, particular lectures, halls of residence) to promote at.
  5. Call all your vaguely interested friends, see if they will help you flyer or at least keep you company
  6. An hour a week from everyone of this will produce results – low labour, high impact with planning.  Talk to people and get phone numbers!
  7. Create a call list or phone tree for events and meeting – share it out in advance, and add numbers as you meet people.  Make sure you give everyone a buzz an hour before the event
  8. Create a rapid response phone tree for solidarity demos or sudden actions (probably a smaller list)
Another thing I didn’t mention is meeting etiquette
  • We all feel more comfortable talking and sitting with people we know, but if you try and chat to people you don;t know and sit next to them
  • Invite them for drinks afterwards and assk them lots of questions. Make people feel comfortable and happy and you will be surprised at what skills and energy they can bring to the group
  • Don’t forget to get their phone number – always!
Earth first looks crusty, old and low tech, but it is surprisingly good resource of all the best tactics from very successful campaigns

The one you want

A couple of extra goodies
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